Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right company to install a new roof for you is the very important. Here are some fact you should know before making a decision.

There are several different signs that you need a new roof…..

  • if there is a lot of cracking on the shingles it is a sign of deteriation
  • if the shingles are buckling
  • if the tips of the shingle are curling, this also causes a concern for winds getting under the shingles and tearing them off the roof.

We do not recommend more than one layer of shingles however by city codes you are allowed. It will depend on the condition of the existing roof. If the roof has one layer of shingles that are laying flat and the deck is in good condition, the existing shingles typically do not have to be removed. Check with local officials to make sure that building codes are being followed.

The difference between fibreglass and organic shingles is the type of mat that is used in the production of each shingle. Organic mats, which are used to make organic shingles, are composed primarily of cellulose fibres derived from selected recycled paper or converted wood chips. On the other hand, fibreglass mats which are used to make fibreglass shingles, are composed of glass filaments of various lengths and orientations, bonded together with inert binders. Both types of shingles are made with ashphalt. Fibreglass shingles have been found to outlast organic shingles in even the harshest climates.

Buckling is defined as ridges that form along the length of the shingle, with the ridge spacing usually coincidental with deck board joints. These ridges are caused by the shingle being distorted from the movement of the deck. Buckling can occur from any deck type, but is more common with board decks, and less common on plywood decks. Buckling can occur when a new roof is installed, even if the old roof did not show any buckles, when the roof is stripped, the deck may be exposed to moisture, causing dimensional changes in the supporting lumber. Therefor it is important to re sheet any areas where there is a potential for buckling.

Every spring it is recommended to check your roof for missing shingles caused by harsh winter winds. Every fall you should have your eavestrough and downpipes cleaned and cleared of any depris. years Every 5-7 it is recommended to do a maintenance check on your whole roof. All flashing areas, and areas where caulking has been applied should be checked for cracking.

You will be required to submit a copy of a proof of purchase (your contractor invoice) to the manufacturer. After verifying the purchase a package will be sent to you requesting more information.

Services we offer

Roof Replacement

After years of wear and tear, it is only natural that your roof eventually loses its appeal. That is where we step in with high-standard roofing repair services that will have your roof back to being fully functional and looking its absolute best.

Roof Inspection

We'll give you an honest assessment of your roof's condition and advise you on multiple options. We are experienced, trusted certified & Insured roofers in Hamilton, ON.

Roof Repair

Capela's Roofing offers a wide variety of Roofing inspection, repair and installation services to fit your needs and budget. The stress of a typical roof leak or other damage is never fun for a homeowner. We here to help.

Custom Work

When having a new roof installed, it is very important to pay attention to all details. The flashing, weather around the chimney, along the wall or in a valley is a must that it be changed. The flashings are equally important as the shingles you choose

Quality roofing material

Capela’s Roofing uses only top quality roofing material from major suppliers to reinforce our dedication to continuously improve and expand our services for our satisfied customers. For more information on GAF shingles log onto
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Did you know that by simply topping up your attic insulation you can save up to 20% on heating and cooling costs, Due to the cold climate Hamilton has in the winter, it is recommend to have an R value of between 50-60.

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